BOI India Credit Card

‘BOI Indian Credit Card’ is a domestic credit card from bank of India. This card is specially designed for uses in India. This card comes with a number of offers and privileges like – EMI option, anytime cash withdrawal, balance transfer, big reward programme, flexibility of credit limit at a very low cost. In fact it is probably the best domestic card offered from ‘Bank of India’ 

  • Eligibility criteria –
  • Nationality – Indian
  • Age – 18 – 65.
  • Occupation – Both salaried And self-employed people can apply.
  • Income – 0.75 lakh minimum (annually)
  • A good CIBIL score. (700)
  • A good relation with the bank.
  • Documents Required –
  • Proof of Identity –
  • Job Card.
  • Voter Id.
  • Driving License
  • Aadhar Id.
  • Letter from UIDAI.
  • Proof of Address –
  • Passport.
  • Gas, Electricity or any utility bill. ( recent )
  • Ration card.
  • Document of property registration.
  • Proof of Income –
  • 3 month’s bank statement. (latest)
  • Recently submitted form 16.
  • Salary Slip (recent 3 months)
  • KYC-PAN.
  • Fees –  
  • Joining fee – None.
  • Annual fee – ₹ 499. (can be waved off is ₹ 20,000 is spend annually)
  • Add on fee – None.
  • Interest rate (p.m.) – 1.70% monthly.
  • Benefits – The features of this card is described below-
  • Reward points – With your ‘BOI Indian Credit Card’ you can earn easy reward points with each of your transactions. You can also redeem your earned reward points very easily. You can  use them either to recharge your mobile, book tickets for movies / flights or you can directly redeem them into cash.
  • Low cost – This card comes with zero joining and a very low annual fee, this also can be waved off if your annual spend is over ₹ 20,000 or more.
  • Interest free period – With this card you can enjoy up-to 51 days of interest free period.
  • Emi Facility – With this card you don’t need to worry about your big shopping bills. You can just convert your big bills into easy monthly EMIs.
  • Revolving facility – With this feature you can just pay 10% of your bills within due date and the rate of the amount can be paid later at a very low interest rate (1.7% monthly). Otherwise if he complete bill is unpaid then you have to pay 2.5% interest monthly.
  • Balance transfer – Bank of India gives you the opportunity to get a lower interest rate on your due amount. You can just transfer your dues from other cards to your ‘BOI Indian Credit Card’ and you can enjoy a lower interest rate. (min amount  – ₹ 5000, max amount – 75% of your spending limit)
  • Discount on insurance – If you have a medical insurance with ‘National Insurance Company’ then you can enjoy a great discount and offers on your insurance bill payments. (Policy value – ₹ 5 lakh or more).
  • Add on card – With this feature you can share the benefits of having a credit card with your loved ones (close relatives, children, parents, siblings). You can just add them with your card and they can also enjoy the benefits of having a credit card. (min age – 18+)
  • Lost card – If your card is lost or stolen you can you can just call the customer service authority and block your card within no time. If you report within 3 days your liability will be limited to a certain amount.
  • Charges –
  • Cash Advance – 2.5% against the amount.
  • Over limit charge – ₹ 100 / transaction.
  • Foreign currency transaction –
  • Other benefits –
  • All India Acceptance – you can use this card your card at more than 2,50,000 stores in India. That means you can transact with this card at almost anywhere in India.
  • Cash withdrawal – With this card you can withdraw cash from any ATMs in India.
  • Billing Cycle – the billing cycle of the card is from 16th of a month – nest month’s 15th
  • Spend limit on add on card – You can also determine how much your add on members can spent monthly. With your ‘BOI Indian Credit Card’ you can set a spend limit for your add on members. It gives you more control over your account.
  • 24X7 customer service – With BOI you can experience a premium and active customer service experience. You can ask ‘Bank of India’ customer service any time.    
  • Customer care number –
  • 1800 103 1906
  • 1800 220 229
  • 022 40919191
  • Final verdict –

If you are looking for a domestic credit card at a low cost then this card is perfect for you. It comes at a very low cost and with a number of other features and benefits. So if you have the eligibility then this card can be your first choice, as it offers the best possible features at a very low cost.

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