BOI Visa Gold International Credit Card

‘BOI Visa Gold International Credit Card’ is a premium credit card from Bank of India. This card is specially designed for international uses. It also comes with a number of features and benefits like – cash withdrawal, balance transfer, Emi facility, adjustable credit limit, customizable credit limit for add on members, interest fee period, 24X7 emergency service and lots more. In fact this card gives you a lot of facility and benefits at low cost. 

  • Eligibility criteria –
  • Nationality – Indian.
  • Age – 21 – 65.
  • Occupation – Both salaried and self-employed can apply for this card. 
  • Income – 1.5 lakh (annually),
  • A good CIBIL Score (700)
  • Good relation with the bank.
  • Documents Required –
  • Proof of Identity –
  • Job Card.
  • o   Voter Id.
  • Driving License
  • Aadhar Id.
  • Letter from UIDAI.
  • Proof of Address –
  • Passport.
  • Gas, Electricity or any utility bill. ( recent )
  • Ration card.
  • Document of property registration.
  • Proof of Income –
  • 3 month’s bank statement. (latest)
  • Recently submitted form 16.
  • Salary Slip (recent 3 months)
  • KYC-PAN.

** These are some of the basic documents bank can also ask for some more during the application period**

  • Fees – 
  • Joining fee – ₹ 1500
  • Annual fee – ₹ 1500
  • Add on fee –  ₹ 800
  • Interest rate (p.m.) – 1.7%
  • Benefits – The benefits of the card is described below –
  • Benefit on Medi-claim – With this card you can get bid discounts on the medi-claim insurance premiums. Maximum insurance amount should be ₹ 5 lakh.
  • Balance transfer – ‘Bank of India’ gives you the opportunity to transfer the outstanding balance of your other cards to your ‘BOI Visa Gold International Credit Card’ so that you can enjoy a lower interest rate. Maximum transaction amount is up to 75% of your spending limit.
  • Easy cash – Now you don’t need to worry if you need instant cash while travelling outside India. As with BOI you can withdraw cash at any ATMs. You can withdraw up-to ₹ 15000 / day.
  • Greater spend limit – With this card you can enjoy a higher spending limit, (over ₹ 1 lakh)
  • Lower interest rate – This card offers a very low interest rate of 1.7%.
  • Interest free period – You can enjoy up-to 51 days of interest free period with this card.
  • EMI facility – If you are worried about your big bill amounts then this feature will be helpful for you. With this feature you can convert your big bill amounts into easy monthly EMIs at a very low interest rate.
  • Revolving facility – If your card bill is too big then this feature can help you. This feature allows you to pay a minimum of 10% of your bill amount and the rest of the amount could be paid later. You will have to pay 1.7% interest rate, if 10% of your bill is paid otherwise the interest rate would be 2.5%.
  • Add on cards – with this feature you can now share the benefits of your card with your loved ones, just add your children / parents / siblings of minimum 18 years old with your card, and they can also enjoy the benefits of a credit card. charge – ₹ 800 / month.
  • Customizable credit limit – You can also customize the credit limits of your add on members. It will help you to control your account.
  • Visa Service – With this card you can enjoy a premium and active Service Experience. you can  get help if your card is lost or stolen or at any emergency situations.
  • EMV Chip Card – This card comes with a built-in EMV chip. It is very helpful against frauds. also you can use your EMV chip card with your NFC enabled mobile for online payments.
  • World-wide acceptance – This card is specially designed for overseas uses. You can use this card at any-where in the world.
  • 24X7 customer service – with ‘Bank of India’ you can experience a premium and always active customer service. You can call them for help at any time.
  • Charges –
  • Cash Advance – 2% at BOI ATMs , 2.5% at any other and overseas ATMs.
  • Overlimit charge – ₹ 100 / transaction.  
  • Foreign currency transaction – 2% against the transacted amount.
  • Customer service number –
  • 1800 103 1906 (toll free)
  • 1800 220 229 (covid support)
  • 022 40919191 (chargeable)
  • Final verdict –

If you want a credit card that is accepted globally and that can give you a long interest-free period then this card will be your first choice, it also comes with a number of other benefits like – Add the facility, Visa service, built-in EMV chip, and lots more. So if you are eligible then you must go for this card as it gives you the best possible offer at a low cost.

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