How to check if someone has taken loan using your PAN card | Frauds involving PANs and ways to report them

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Think about waking up on a sunny Sunday morning expecting a wonderful weekend, but then you discover that your pan card is linked to an unpaid loan account with a huge balance. Would be shocking right? The same thing happened with an unnamed user who suddenly discovered that his nsdl pan card is linked to three unknown personal loan accounts. This … Read more

Kotak Mahindra Credit Card FAQs

Kotak Mahindra Credit Card FAQs

Handling a credit card can be difficult, especially if you are a newcomer. That’s why we have tried to provide solutions to some of the most searched credit card queries. Hopefully, it will help you to maintain your account properly. How to track new kotak credit card application status? Once your application is properly submitted, it takes about 21 days to … Read more

How Credit Card Is Revolutionizing The Indian Consumer Market? | First Time In India The Credit Card Usage Crossed The Rs.1 Trillion Mark

The Indian credit card market has shown a sudden spike in its monthly credit card spending. For the first time in history, the monthly credit card usage crossed the Rs. 1 trillion mark in October. According to a report released by RBI on 02/12/2021, the spending in October shows growth of over 25%. From May 2021 there has been a gradual … Read more

Slice Card FAQ’s

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How to apply for a Slice Credit card? Like most app-based credit cards, a slice credit card can only be applied via Slice Pay mobile app. The first step of course is to download and install the Slice pay app on your Smartphone. Once you have installed the app, you can follow the steps given below.  Open the app and sign … Read more

The Most Common Credit Card Questions and Answers about Credit Cards Everything You Need To Know About Credit Cards

What is a Credit Card and how credit card works? A credit card is a specially designed payment card for online as well as offline financial transactions that allow its users to borrow funds at a 0% interest rate for a certain period. To cater to the different segments of customers there are various types of credit cards present in the … Read more

Axis Bank Credit Card FAQ’s

Axis Bank

How to Apply for axis bank credit card:  Axis Bank credit cards are best known for their benefits and useful features. Axis Bank also has a very wide variety of credit cards. They have credit cards suitable for an average customer as well as for a billionaire.  If you want to get an axis credit card, then there are two options … Read more

West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme FAQ’s

West Bengal Student Credit Card Scheme is one of the best loans offers available in India. It’s a hassle-free credit card-based loan offer that helps students to fulfill their studies by providing loan amounts up to 10 lacs. How can I apply for student credit card online? You can go to the West Bengal Government website register yourself as a … Read more

ICICI Credit Card FAQ’s


How to apply for Icici credit card ? ICICI Bank features several credit cards of different categories for their users. several good credit cards like icici amazon pay credit card or icici rubyx credit card can earn you big benefits from your purchases.  However, if you want to apply for icici bank credit card, then you can apply for it via … Read more

HDFC Credit Card FAQ’s


How To Apply For Hdfc Credit Card:  HDFC Bank is one of the top credit card providers in India. They offer some really good credit cards like hdfc regalia credit card or hdfc infinia credit card. If you want to get an HDFC Bank credit card, you can apply for it very easily from your smartphone or computer.    To apply for … Read more