Best Personal Finance And Investment Advice For Beginners | My Personal Finance & Investment Strategies

Best Personal Finance And Investment Advice For Beginners

One of the biggest misconceptions among us is that investment is only a thing for rich people. But today this is very far from reality. The reality is that you can start investing with a minimal amount of money (As low as Rs.500). But the question is why is personal finance planning important? The answer is ‘inflation’ which is causing a … Read more

Most Promising Tech Companies In The World | My Favorite Tech Stocks

The world's most promising tech companies

The tech industry shapes the future of our country. Our existence cannot be sustained without products, software, and digital services developed, produced, and marketed by companies in the sector. Investors have become increasingly interested in tech stock investments in recent years.  There is an obvious reason for this: the tech sector has delivered an annualized return of 13% over the past … Read more