UNI NX Wave Credit Card Review

Uni NX Wave Credit Card Review

The Uni NX Wave Credit Card is the newest credit card from the uni credit card company. It is a new-generation power-packed credit card designed for the new generation of card users. Aimed at millennials, this card offers a ton of useful features including unlimited cashback on every transaction, zero forex markup charges, extra rewards in special categories, and more. Below … Read more

Uni Pay Credit Card Review

Uni Pay 1/3rd Card Review

The uni pay 1/3 card is another addition to the Indian app-based credit card list. This card is designed by Uniorbit Technologies in collaboration with the RBL Bank. Although we call it a credit card, it is actually a payment card with a line of credit that comes with a very unique no-cost EMI option and a much more unique unboxing … Read more