Dhani One Freedom Card Review | Dhani Credit Card Review

The dhani one freedom credit card is an app-based instant online credit card that comes with a number of unmatched benefits like assured cashback on every transaction, 24X7 doctors consultation, and huge discounts on medicines. etc. The main attraction of this dhani bank credit card is the exclusive health benefits that include 24×7 dhani doctors consultation service. More about the dhani credit line benefits are mentioned below.

How does the dhani credit card eligibility work?

  • Resident Type: Indian. 
  • Dhani credit card eligibility criteria for salaried person:
    • Dhani credit card age limit: Min 20 yrs.  
    • Income: A good steady income is required. 
  • Dhani one freedom card eligibility criteria for self-employed person:
    • Dhani one freedom card age limit: Min 20 yrs. 
    • Income: A good steady Income is required.
  • A CIBI score of 660+ is required to apply for this dhani one freedom card.

What documents are required to apply for the dhani credit card?

  • Photocopy of ID Proof (any 1)
    • Aadhar card
    • Voter Card
    • Passport
    • PAN Card
  • Photocopy of Address proof (any 1) 
    • Last 6 months’ bank account Statement
    • Aadhar Card 
    • Driving License 
    • Passport
    • Utility bill
  • One recent passport-sized photograph is also needed to apply for dhani credit card.
  • Proof of income statement:
    • Salaried Person (any 1)
      • Latest salary slip. (3 months) 
      • ITR (Income Tax Return) 
    • Self-employed person
      • Latest income tax return. 
      • Proof of business
      • Recent audited financial report.

What are the dhani credit card fees?

  • What is dhani one freedom card joining fee: None
  • Dhani credit card monthly charges: May vary depending on your credit limit.

What are the dhani one freedom card benefits?

  • Add more value to your transaction:

The dhani credit card cashback benefits are offered like this.

Category of transaction

Rare of cashback 
Medicines 40% discount
monthly dhani credit card repayment 10% Cash-Back 
All other categories including fuel, groceries, bill payments, and lots more 5% discount
  • Unlimited doctors access:

With your dhani rupay platinum card, you will get unlimited doctor’s consultations at any time and for any kind of health issue. You will get your first consultation completely free.

  • Dhani rupay credit card EMI facility:

With the help of your dhani instant credit line, you can convert your total monthly bill into interest-free EMI for 3 months. The monthly dhani credit line emi payment amount will be automatically deducted from your linked bank account.  

  • Get complete control over your account:

With the dhani credit card app, you can view all your dhani credit card usage with every detail. And if you want to end your subscription, you can do that too without paying any extra charges.

What are the dhani one freedom card charges


Payable amount

Dhani one freedom card cash withdrawal charge You can’t withdraw cash using your dhani pay card
Dhani credit card interest rate 2% monthly

How to contact the dhani customer care department?

  • Call the dhani credit card toll-free number: 022-67737800
  • Write to the dhani credit card mail idsupport@dhani.com 

100xGain Ratings:


Pros and cons of the dhani one freedom card:



  • The dhani card offers several jaw-dropping offers on medicines and everyday expenses.
  • You can enjoy unlimited doctors with this one freedom card.
  • This card is too costly compared to the dhani card benefits.

Final Opinion:

After analyzing the dhani freedom card benefits, I can say that this card is unmatched in offering exclusive medical benefits. But the dhani credit card subscription charges are way too much which makes this dhani freedom card extremely expensive (total annual subscription cost ranges between 50% to 70% of your dhani card limit)

Therefore, I would never suggest this dhani one credit card. Instead, you can visit our top credit cards page, or compare the alternative card options given below to find your dream card. 

Alternative of the dhani freedom card: 

  1. Bajaj Finserv Shop Smart SuperCard. (Best for cashback benefits)
  2. BOI Visa Gold International Credit Card. (Best for earning a discount on medical-claim)
  3. BOI Rupay Platinum Credit Card. (Best for cashback benefits)
  4. Apollo SBI Card. (Best for healthcare benefits)


  • How to deactivate dhani one freedom card temporarily?

In order to temporarily block your dhani credit card, first of –

  • Open your Dhani app.
  • Navigate towards the dhani freedom card section.
  • You will find the Deactivate card option, select it.
  • Confirm your selection.
  • Your dhani card will be deactivated within a few minutes and you will receive a confirmation SMS on your mobile.
  • How to file a dispute against a Dhani credit card transaction?

If you notice something suspicious in your dhani account, then you can call the dhani one freedom card customer care number. They will help you to resolve your issues.

  • How to close dhani one freedom card account permanently?

If you don’t want to continue with your dhani credit card, then you can cancel your subscription plan in a few simple steps.

  • Open the dhani app and tap on the One freedom credit option.
  • Now scroll down and tap on the Settings option.
  • Now select the Cancel plan option and confirm your selection.
  • Your subscription will be canceled soon.

Note: You can’t cancel your subscription if there are some outstanding in your account. So make sure to pay off your dues before closing your dhani account.

13 thoughts on “Dhani One Freedom Card Review | Dhani Credit Card Review”

  1. Its not zero interest. By considering their monthly subscription fee, its better not to opt for it. If you get one lakh limit on the card then monthly subscription would cough Rs. 899/- per month. That means Rs. 10,788/- you are paying for the card under subscription fee whether you are using it or not.

    Moreover, after taking the card one day I got a call saying the first transaction will be of 100% cash back with a transaction amount of upto Rs. 10000/- for any online shopping or card swiping. I later confirmed it by calling Dhani Customer care agents multiple times and then performed the transaction on Amazon of around Rs. 6000/-. I did not even get the cash back. All they say is fraud. I later paid my dues in one go and closed the card.

  2. They are hiding so many things – they never specify monthly charges – why any one should pay charges 500/- per month for holding credit card when all renowned banks give free for life time .

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion. We’ll certainly try to spread more awareness about it and will try to contact the credit card issuer regarding the same.

  3. It’s a worst app I have ever used without taking a loan they r ditching to my account 3 times in a day and der is no response from customer support I have been mailed them 5 months back but still I didn’t get any reply

  4. Dhani One freedom app is number One cheating company in India, then call back to back for subscriptions and the subscription amount is Rs.707/-. after subscription no one will call you back, if we raise a complaint we should fall behind to get resolve but then to it takes more then 1 month to resolve.

    They are the worst service provide in India. Dhani one freedom is Number One fraud company

  5. Totally fraud it’s a big scam in India
    सब्सक्रिप्शन के नाम पर एक लोन आई डी तैयार करना और खामखां लोगों को अपना शिकार बनाना।जबरन वसूली
    Dhani chor hai


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