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There are so many credit cards available for the customers of State Bank of India. SBI offers Doctor’s SBI Card in association with Indian Medical Association ( Indian Medical Association or IMA is the largest representative voluntary organisation of Doctors of Modern Scientific System of Medicine). This card is specially designed for doctors to give insurance for their professional risks and liabilities. The card is also full of privileges such as welcome gift, reward points, milestone benefits, insurance, International lounge program, domestic lounge program, fuel surcharge waiver, visa privileges, contactless advantages, global acceptance, emergency card replacement, add on card, safe and secure, easy bill pay facility, flexipay, balance transfer on EMI, easy money etc. Lets discuss about the card-

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age: The applicant should be 21 years old and not more than 65years.
  • Occupation:  The applicant should be salaried Doctor or self practicing doctor for minimum 3 years.
  • Income : The net income should be Rs.1.50 lakhs per month.

Required Documents:

  • Identity proof: Aadhaar card, electricity bill, telephone bill, water bills etc.
  • Profession proof: Photocopy of the degree or registration.
  • Income proofs: 

For salaried applicants: Last 3 month’s bank statement, salary slip of last 3 months or any document of income.

For self employed applicants: Recent Income Tax Returns, Balance sheets.

  • PAN card
  • Photographs.


   Annual fee – Rs.1499 + Taxes

   Renewal fee/ annum – Rs.1499.

There is no add-on card fee.

Privileges on Doctor’s SBI Card:

  • Welcome gifts: If you choose this card you will be able to get gift vouchers worth Rs.1500 from as welcome gift after paying the joining fees. After paying the joining fees you will get a SMS of welcome gift vouchers on your mobile number or email id which is registered in the Bank. You will be able to choose your welcome gift by replying the SMS or email or by calling the customer care number.

You can use the code of the gift voucher, when you purchase via online.

  • Reward points:
    • If you spend Rs.100 for medical supplies, bookings of tickets for travel, and for International purposes, you will get 5 reward points each time.
    • If you spend on Doctor’s day you will get 5 reward points on all types of purchases.
    • If you spend Rs.100 for all other purposes you will get 1 reward points.

These reward points are redeemable and you can redeem these reward points through cash ( 4 reward points is equals to Rs.1) or  purchasing catalogues.

  • Milestone benefits:
    • If you spend Rs.5 lakhs in a year you will get gift vouchers from, Bata, Shoppers worth Rs.5000.
    • If you spend Rs.2 lakhs in the 1st year you will get the 2nd year membership freely.
    • You will get the e-gift vouchers in between 15 days of spending Rs.5 lakhs.
  • International Lounge Program:
    • You will get the priority pass membership.
    • You will get 4 complimentary lounge access per year to International airport.
    • You will get maximum 2 visit per quarter.
    • You will be charged 27 USD per visit.
    • This offer is applicable for primary cardholder only.
  • Domestic Lounge Program:
    • You will get 8 complimentary lounge access to the domestic airport.
    • You can visit maximum 2 visits per quarter.
  • Professional Insurance:
    • You will get a insurance coverage of Rs.20 lakhs.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver : There is a offer for all Air India SBI Platinum cardholders at any petrol pump. You will be able to get freedom from 1% fuel surcharge. (You can save only maximum Rs.250 per statement Cycle)
    • The transaction must be in between Rs.500 to Rs.4000 if you want to get the offer.
    • If you want to raise this profit, use the card at petrol pump you want all over India.

Other privileges:

  • Visa Privileges: 
    • You will get some awesome benefits at more than 900 hotels all around the world.
    • If you rent car from Avis Car you will get 35% discount.
    • You will get 15% discount on Limo Luxury Airport Transfer service.
    • If you rent from Hertz Car you can save up to 10%.
    • You will be able to get 20% off on Airport Fastrack Immigration.
  • Contactless Advantage:  You can use the Card for your daily purchases. For transaction, go to any secure reader and wave your card smoothly.

It is fast and convenient that it is very unnecessary to give your card to anybody for everyday small purchases.

It is very secure. If you transact without contact , the card will always attached in your hand. The card has a skimming facility which helps you to prevent any fraud of the card and also save the card from losing.

  • Worldwide Acceptance:  You can use your card in all around the world. You will be able to use your card in more than 24 million visa outlets around the world and 3.25 lakhs outlets in India.

To make payments use your card at any outlet which accepts Visa or Master card.

  • Emergency Card Replacement: You can replace your card anywhere in the world.
  • Add-on Cards : You can give the add-on cards to your family ( parents,  spouse, children,  brothers and sisters whose age must be 18 years) for their uses.
  • Cash Access Across the World: You can use your card at more than 1 million Visa ATMs and Mastercard ATMs all around the world.
  • Safety and security: This card is a chip based card which provides the card security.
  • Easy Bill Payment Facility: You can use your card for your utility bill payments such as electricity bill, water bill, telephone bill, etc.
  • Easy Money : By the easy money facility it is possible to get a draft or cheque against your card limit.

You will be able to get the Facility to your doorstep.

For booking of easy money you have to log in to with your username and password.

  • Balance transfer on EMI : You can pay your EMI by your card to gain a low rate of interest as well as you can save money while you pay your EMIs through your card.

You can transfer the outstanding balance of card of other’s bank to your Doctor’s SBI card. There is a very low interest rate.

  • Flexipay : If you purchase for Rs.2500 or extra with the help of your card , you can convert your transaction in easy monthly instalments. To use this facility ( convert into flexipay)  you have to log in to with your username and password in between 1 month of your purchase.
  • Charges :
    • Interest free period 20days to 50 days.
  • Finance charges 3.35% per month and 40.2% per year.
  • Cash advance fees 2.5% of the amount at SBI and other ATMs (minimum Rs.500) and 2.5% for International ATMs.
    • Cash payment fees Rs.100.
    • Cheque pick up fee Rs.100.
    • Cheque payment fee Rs.100.
  • Payment dishonor fee 2% of transaction amount (minimum Rs.450 ).
  • Rs.100 for statement retrieval .
  • Late payment: 
    • 0 for due of Rs.0 to Rs.500
    • Rs.400 for due of Rs.500 or more and upto Rs.1000
    • Rs.750 for due of Rs.1000 or more and upto Rs.10000
    • Rs.950 for due of Rs.10000 or more.
  • Rs.100 for card replacement.
  • Overlimit charges 2.5% of the amount ( minimum Rs.500)
  • $175 for emergency card replacement at abroad.
  • Foreign currency mark-up 3.5%.
  • Rs.99 for rewards redemption.

Customer Care: If you want to know more about the card you can contact in this 24×7 helpline number 1800 180 1290.

100X Gain Rating:  4 stars.

Final Opinion:  If you are a doctor or practitioner and you need a credit card for your needs you can use the Doctor’s SBI card. You can save maximum money by this card with its world class facilities.

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