HDFC Best Price Save Smart Credit Card Review

The best price save smart credit card is a co-branded business credit card from HDFC bank. This card is a product of the joint co-operation between the leading Indian credit card provider HDFC bank and the wholesale company Best Price. Funding is a real issue that small business owners often face. And this card is designed to solve that problem by offering easy access to credits and a no-cost EMI option which is the main attraction of this card.

You can use this card both for your personal and business needs. You will get reward points on every transaction, attractive deals on dining, fuel surcharge waiver, no-cost EMI facility, and some other hdfc bank credit card features . Now let’s analyze the benefits in detail. 

Hdfc credit card online apply eligibility criteria:

**This card is only available for self-employed Indians. 

  • Resident Type: Indian
  • Age: 21 to 65 years. 
  • Income: Annual Income Tax Return should be greater than Rs. 6 lakh. 
  • A long relationship with the bank will help you to get this card. 
  • An excellent credit score (above 770) is needed to apply for the best price hdfc credit card

You can apply for a new credit card from the hdfc credit card online application portal, but if you are confused with the application process then you can visit our FAQ page to know how to apply for a hdfc credit card?

Required documents to apply for the best price save smart credit card:

  • Photocopy of Address proof (any 1)
    • Last 6 months bank account Statement
    • Aadhar Card
    • Driving License
    • Passport
    • Utility bills
  • Photocopy of ID Proof (any 1)
    • Aadhar card
    • Voter Card
    • Passport
    • PAN Card
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs
  • Proof of income statement:
    • Salaried Person (any 1)
      • Salary Slip of last 3 months
      • ITR (Income Tax Return)
    • Self-employed person
      • Income tax return of the last year
      • Proof of business

Once your hdfc credit card application is submitted successfully, you can track the hdfc credit card approval status from the hdfc credit card status tracking page


  • Joining Fee: Rs. 500 + GST
  • Annual Fee: Rs. 500 + GST

You can easily pay hdfc bank credit card bill online from your net banking account, but if you don’t want to make the hdfc bank credit card bill payment online, then feel free to visit our FAQ page to know how to make hdfc credit card payment offline.

Hdfc bank credit card benefits:

  • Attractive hdfc credit card cashback offer:

Earning cashback is very with this card, with every Rs. 150 spend with this credit card of hdfc bank, you can earn exclusive cash backs. The hdfc best price credit card cashback scheme is discussed in the table below. 

Spend category Total benefit
On all Best price spend made with this card, (Max Rs. 10,000 per month) 1% cashback (maximum Rs. 100 monthly)
All other retail transactions made with this card. 0.5% cashback. 

The cash backs are given in the form of cashpoints. 1 hdfc credit card points worth is equal to Rs. 1 you can use your earned points to book hotel/flight booking or you can redeem hdfc credit card points into cash. You can also use your earned points to get a product from the hdfc credit card reward catalogue .

  • Premium dining experience:

 Now your evenings will be more delightful because, with this best price save smart credit card , you will get up to a 17% discount on your dining bill. To avail of this offer you just have to make your dining bill payment through the Dineout Pay app. Also, if your card is registered with the app, you will get an additional 2.5% discount. 

  • Freedom from credit card surcharge on fuel purchase:

If you use this card to purchase fuel you will get a 1% waiver on fuel surcharges. This offer on hdfc credit card is applicable at any fuel station in India, the minimum applicable transaction amount is Rs. 400 and you can earn a maximum of Rs. 250 cashback in a credit cycle. 

  • Extra benefit on milestone spends:

You can also earn some extra benefits from your hdfc business credit card . The Best price Save Smart Credit Card milestone benefit scheme is discussed in the table below. 

Total spend Total benefit
On performing at least 4 purchases at Best Price within the first 90 days of hdfc credit card pin setup . Rs. 150 Cashback.
On spending Rs. 75,000 on shopping within a quarter. Rs. 500 Cashback.
On spending a minimum of Rs. 20,000 within the first 90 days of hdfc credit card pin setup . You will get a complete waiver on your first-year joining fee.
If the credit card monthly spends is Rs. 30,000 and if the monthly volume of your POS machine is Rs. 25,000. You will get a waiver on the POS machine monthly rental fee.

 You can keep track of your hdfc credit card balance from the hdfc credit card net banking app . You can also call the hdfc bank credit card toll free number and ask the customer care executive about the information. 

  • Opportunity to make your credit card lifetime free:

If you can spend only Rs. 50,000 in a year, you will get a full waiver on your next year’s hdfc credit card annual fee . So if you want to make your card lifetime free, you just have to keep spending Rs. 75,000 every year. 

  • No-cost EMI option:

HDFC Bank offers a no-cost EMI option on this card. So buy your business essentials using this card and convert the hdfc credit card bill amount into EMI without paying any extra hdfc credit card emi charges . This offer on hdfc credit card is applicable to some of the top brands including; Damro, Durian Industries, Dash Square, Furtinuerewalla, EVOK, Royal Oak, Godrej Interior, Stanley, Kelvinator, Reliance digital, Blue Star, etc. Click here for the latest offers and deals. You can also calculate the applicable EMI interest rate on hdfc credit card, from the hdfc credit card smart emi calculator

If you don’t know; how to convert hdfc credit card bill to emi? then feel free to visit our FAQ page to know; how to activate smart emi on hdfc credit card

  • Lost card liability coverage:

HDFC bank offers lost card liability coverage on this card. That means if your card ever gets stolen, you just have to report the loss by calling the hdfc bank credit card customer care contact no . Once you have reported your loss to the HDFC credit card department, you will no longer be liable for any credit card frauds that may happen to your card. 

You can also temporarily block your hdfc credit card account from your online banking hdfc credit card account. You can visit our FAQ page for the complete process. 

  • Automatic bill payment option:

HDFC has an automatic bill payment option named SmartPay, if you register hdfc bank credit card with this hdfc credit card service , all your utility bills will be paid within the due dates. And you won’t need to worry about your bills and their payment dates. 

You can control the SmartPay service from the hdfc online banking credit card account.  Click here to know the hdfc credit card smartpay deactivation process. 

  • Contactless payment facility:

HDFC bank has equipped this card with an advanced credit card contactless payment facility. It allows you to make hdfc credit card payment with just a wave at any secure reader machine. This feature is fast, convenient, and also helpful in preventing credit card skimming. 

For security reasons, the maximum contactless transaction amount is limited to Rs. 5000 per transaction. You can also set a daily hdfc credit card limit for contactless transactions from your net banking account.


Particulars  Payable amount
HDFC credit card cash advance credit card fee . 2.5% against the transaction amount, min Rs. 500.
Finance Charges.  The hdfc credit card interest charges is 3.49% monthly or 41.88% annually.
hdfc bank international credit card transaction charge 2% against the transaction amount.
hdfc add on credit card fee Free for a lifetime.

As per new hdfc credit card rules , international transactions on credit cards are turned off to enhance the security of your card. If you want to know; how to enable international transaction on hdfc credit card ? Then feel free to visit our FAQ page

Hdfc credit card helpline contact details:

  • Call the hdfc credit card toll free number: 1800-266-4332 (Toll Free) or 022-616-6161
  • Write to the hdfc bank credit card email address: [email protected] 

If you don’t want to continue with your old credit card, and if you are thinking; how to close my hdfc credit card account, then feel free to visit our FAQ page to know the complete process. You can download the hdfc bank credit card closure form from here

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Final Opinion:

If you want a credit card that can handle both your business-related and personal expenses, then HDFC best price save smart credit card will be a good option for you. The most useful feature of this card is the no-cost EMI facility with allows you to buy your business essentials in EMI without paying any extra hdfc credit card emi charges

But this card has some drawbacks too, it does not offer any benefits on lounge access or travel booking. But at an annual fee of Just Rs. 500, this is not a bad option for small business owners. 

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