HDFC Doctors Superia Credit Card Review

The HDFC Doctors Superia Credit Card is a trimmed-down version of the Doctor’s hdfc bank regalia credit card. It is a specifically designed doctor’s card that acts both like a regular credit card as well as a shield that can cover you against professional catastrophe caused by negligence, making it an ideal option for those with stressful professions like doctors.

Apart from that, you will get a waiver on fuel surcharges, attractive benefits on dining spending, etc. 

 HDFC Credit Card Eligibility Criteria: 

HDFC bank has not clearly mentioned the eligibility criteria for this card, but as per our experience with HDFC, we can say that it should be like this. 

  • Resident Type: Indian
  • For salaried doctors:
    • Age: The age of the applicant should be between 21 to 60 years. 
    • Income: The average income of the applicant should be Rs. 50,000 monthly. 
  • For self-employed doctors:
    • Age: The age of the applicant should be between 21 to 65 years. 
    • Income: Annual Income Tax Return should be greater than Rs. 6 lakh. 
  • A long relationship with the bank will help you to get this hdfc doctors credit card
  • An excellent credit score (above 770) is needed to apply for this card. 

Required Documents:

  • Photocopy of Address proof (any 1)
    • Last 6 months bank account Statement
    • Aadhar Card
    • Driving License
    • Passport
    • Utility bills
  • Photocopy of ID Proof (any 1)
    • Aadhar card
    • Voter Card
    • Passport
    • PAN Card
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs
  • Proof of income statement:
    • Salaried Person (any 1)
      • Salary Slip of last 3 months
      • ITR (Income Tax Return)
    • Self-employed person
      • Income tax return of the last year
      • Proof of business

Once your online credit card application is submitted successfully, you can track hdfc credit card application status from the hdfc bank credit card online status tracking page. 

HDFC Credit Card Fee:

  • Joining Fee: Rs. 1000 + GST
  • Annual Fee: Rs. 1000 + GST

Benefits Of HDFC Credit Card:

  • Mindblowing welcome offer:

You will get a one-time welcome bonus of 1000 reward points, one generate pin for hdfc credit card, and pay the first-year joining fee. 

Now if you are thinking about, how to activate my hdfc credit card, then take a look at the HDFC credit card FAQ page. The hdfc bank credit card pin generation process is narrated there. 

  • Exclusive hdfc credit card reward program:

You can earn 3 reward points for every Rs. 150 retail transactions made with this card. 

The hdfc credit card redemption process is very simple. You can use credit card points to get a product from the hdfc credit card catalog of rewards or you can redeem them into air miles for over 20 international and all major domestic airlines. You will get 100 air miles for 667 points. You can find the hdfc credit card rewards point redemption form from the form center.      

The reward points are valid for 2 years from the date of their accumulation, and you can check hdfc credit card balance of reward points from your hdfc credit card netbanking account

  • Premium dining offers:

Now there is a reason to make your evenings joyful. For dining at most of the frontline restaurants in India, you will get up to 50% extra credit card rewards points than the normal reward point earning rate.  

As per the new rbi credit card guidelines for credit card issuers , hdfc bank online credit card transactions are turned off on new cards, to enhance the security of your account during shipment. You can turn on the credit card online payment option very easily from your HDFC credit card mobile app. If you are interested to know how to enable hdfc credit card for online transaction then feel free to visit the HDFC credit card FAQ page

  • Freedom from fuel surcharge:

Use this hdfc credit card variant to purchase fuel at any fuel station in India, and you will get a 1% waiver on fuel surcharges. The transaction amount should be between Rs. 400 to Rs. 5000 and you can earn a maximum of Rs. 250 waiver in a credit card statement cycle. 

  • Attractive offers on hdfc bank credit card renewal fee payment:

Every year with the payment of hdfc bank credit card renewal fee, you will get 1000 reward points as a bonus gift.

You can pay your hdfc credit card bill online using any credit card bill payment apps or simply from your hdfc bank credit card online banking account. But if you don’t want to pay hdfc credit card bill online, then there are lots of offline available too. You can find more about the offline hdfc credit card payment methods from the HDFC bank FAQ page

  • Complimentary insurance coverage:

You will feel much safer with complementary professional insurance coverage. It gives you coverage of Rs. 20 lakh against any unfortunate events caused by your professional negligence. The hdfc credit card insurance policy also covers the costs of legal actions or defense-related expenses. 

  • Lost card liability coverage:

Now you don’t need to worry about your lost or stolen cards, because this card comes with lost card liability coverage. That means if your card ever gets lost or stolen, you just have to report it by calling the hdfc bank credit card toll free customer care number, and, you will no longer be liable for anything bad that may happen to your card.

Also if you notice some unauthorized or suspicious transactions on your credit card account, you can raise a hdfc credit card dispute against this particular transaction. You can also download the hdfc bank credit card dispute form from the form center

  • Lifetime free add on card:

HDFC bank allows you to add your family members with your card as add-on members so that they can also enjoy the benefits of a credit card. You can also set an add-on hdfc credit card limit per month, from the HDFC credit card mobile app.

You can apply for an add-on card from your nearby hdfc credit card office , you can also download the add-on card form from the hdfc credit card forms center

  • Security of the advanced EMV chip:

HDFC bank has equipped this card with the advanced EMV chip. It stores your sensitive information with a very strong encryption method, which makes your card more secure than before. 

But fraudulent transactions can happen at any time, in such cases, you should immediately call the customer care number of hdfc bank credit card and report your problem. You can also block your card from the hdfc credit card mobile banking account. 

HDFC Bank Credit Card Details Of Charges:

Particulars Payable amount
Cash Withdrawal Charge. For cash withdrawal from credit card you will be charged 2.5% against the transaction amount (min Rs. 500)
Finance charges in hdfc credit card The hdfc credit card rate of interest is 3.6% monthly or 43.2% annually. Applicable even if the minimum amount due in hdfc credit card is paid.
Foreign currency conversion charge 3.5% against the transaction amount.
Add-on card fee Free for a lifetime.

HDFC Credit Card Contact Details:

If you don’t want to continue with your old credit card, then you can close your account permanently. To know how to close hdfc bank credit card permanently, visit the HDFC credit card FAQ page.

100xGain Ratings: 


Final Opinion:

If you are looking for a low-cost credit card for your everyday expenses, then it will be the best hdfc card option for you. It comes with professional insurance coverage, which is very good protection to have. You can also convert your earned reward points into air miles which is also a very useful feature. 

This card lacks some features like free lounge access and entertainment-related benefits, but at an annual fee of just Rs. 1000, there is nothing to complain about that. And if you are looking for a low-cost doctor’s credit card then you should definitely go for it.

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