How to check if someone has taken loan using your PAN card | Frauds involving PANs and ways to report them

Think about waking up on a sunny Sunday morning expecting a wonderful weekend, but then you discover that your pan card is linked to an unpaid loan account with a huge balance. Would be shocking right? The same thing happened with an unnamed user who suddenly discovered that his nsdl pan card is linked to three unknown personal loan accounts. This is one of the several infamous pan card misuse incidents that happened in India. 

Can someone misuse my pan card to get a loan?

Now it is fairly hard for an average person like you and me. But for the fraudsters, such things have become a cakewalk, all thanks to the zero paperwork, instant loan apps. A number of small loan apps like Dhani have been providing instant personal loan facilities for years. It requires Zero paperwork, and all you have to provide is a photo id and address proof. 

While these instant loan apps are extremely helpful for their users, it has opened a new loophole for the fraudsters to make their way in. 

How to check if my pan card is misused?

Now you might be like; how to check if my pan card is being used or not? Luckily this process is not that difficult, all you need to do is to check your credit report/credit score. The online services are offered by credit bureaus such as CIBIL, Equifax, Experian, or CRIF for a credit bureau report. You can also use the free credit report checking services like Paytm or PolicyBazar mobile app

How to avoid pan card fraud?

Now the best way to stay protected is to keep your important documents out of the limelight. Never share your important documents like Aadhar and pan card details with anyone. Also while sharing the Photocopy of the said documents, try to write the purpose of sharing in a line or two on the copy in such a way that a part of the line comes across the image of pan card. In this way, you can save your information from being misused.

Also if you are applying for a new pan card, then go for the online pan card application method, since it is a bit more secure than the offline pan card application process.

How to report pan card fraud?

Now despite all the security measures, fraudsters can always find their way in. So you should keep checking your credit report on a regular basis (once per quarter). But how to report misuse of pan card? Luckily, the Income Tax department of India has opened a new pan card grievance portal for such issues. 

  1. First of all visit the pan card online grievance portal.
  2. Click on the Submit button and fill up all the necessary fields. 
  3. Now click on the Submit button again for the final submission of your complaint. 

Here you can also surrender your duplicate pan card (If you have any). You can also contact the pan card helpline number ((022) 2499 4200, 1800 1020 990 / 1800 224 430) for instant assistance.

There is now an attempt by the government to stop such pan card frauds. However, it will take some time for these measures to be implemented properly. In the meantime, you can take the recommended safety measures, check your monthly credit report regularly, and avoid revealing confidential information to others. Because it is always better to be safe than sorry. 


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