HSBC Advanced Visa Platinum Credit Card

HSBC advance visa platinum credit card is specially designed for those people who spend much on dining and shopping. The card is free from joining and annual fees.  This card is also loaded with a huge number of offers and features. Again it comes with zero lost card liability, instant EMI offer, and big chance to earn reward points. In fact this card can make your life easy.

  • Eligibility criteria –
  • Nationality – Indian
  • Age – 21 years (minimum)
  • Occupation – salaried
  • Income – 50,000 monthly.
  • Total relationship balance – 500,000
  • The applicant should have a corporate salary account under the ‘Corporate Employee Programme’.
  • Documents Required –
  • Proof of identity –
  • Voter identity card.
  • Passport.
  • Ration card.
  • Driving license.
  • Proof of address –
  • Aadhar Id.
  • Electricity bill or any utility bill.
  • Rental agreement.
  • Property registration.
  • Proof of income –
  • Salary slip (latest).
  • Bank statement.
  • Form 16.(latest)
  • Fees –
  • Joining fee – None.
  • Annual fee – None.
  • Add on fee – None.
  • Over limit – ₹500 monthly.
  • Benefits –
  • Welcome offer – HSBC gives you up to 10% cashbak within first 90 days. You can win up to ₹ 3,000 cashback. (min transaction amount ₹ 10,000)

Within first 24 months of the card issuance you can earn 3x reward points on your transactions. (min amount 150)

  • Reward points –  HSBC offers you 2 reward points on each ₹150 transactions. Those points are valid for 3 years.
  • Bonus rewards – If you spent from ₹ 4 lakh to ₹ 1 crore then you can earn 5x reward points.
  • Nill Annual & Joining fee – this card comes with zero joining and annual fee.
  • Fuel surcharge waiver – with this card you can avail handsome amount of waved off on fuel surcharge at any petrol stations in India on transactions between ₹400 to ₹4000. ( max – ₹ 250 )
  • Card loss liability – in case of card lost you are now free from all liability. Just report within 24 hours to HSBC.
  • Instant EMI – Now you can extend your shopping bill without worry. With this card you can instantly transform your big shopping bill into easy monthly instalment. ( min purchase ₹ 2,000 )
  • Loan on phone –  With this card you can transform your big purchase amount into easy EMIs within 15 days of purchase.
  • Cash-on-EMI – this feature allows you to pay your withdrawn amount in easy EMIs. You can withdraw cash through NEFT facility.
  • Balance conversion –  HSBC offers their customers to transform their total outstanding balance into EMIs and pay it just like loans. Minimum amount ₹ 5,000. EMI would be of 3, 6 and 12 months.
  • Balance transfer – Now you can earn from you interest payments just transfer your outstanding of another card to ‘HSBC Advanced Visa Platinum Card’ to avail a lower rate of interest. ( min amount – 3,000 )
  • Dining offer – with this card you can now enjoy up to 15% discount at more than 1000 restaurants at most of the major cities.
  • Movie – If you spent more than 50,000 in a month then you can win ₹ 500 movie voucher. ( max 3,000 in a year ) 
  • Charges –
  • Cash withdrawal – ₹ 100.
  • Over limit – ₹ 500 monthly.
  • Foreign currency transaction  – 3.5% against the amount.
  • Card replacement – ₹ 100.
  • Other benefits –
  • Worldwide acceptance – This card is now accepted worldwide. You can pay at almost 18 million stores across the world.
  • Cash advance – Now you can withdraw cash from almost 700,000 ATMs across the world.
  • Net banking – Now you can manage you card by yourself form anywhere at anytime. Just register for online banking now.
  • Mobile banking  – Now you can pay your bills from your phone with mobile banking. You can get access to phone banking with your ‘Phone Banking number’ and PIN number.
  • Add on card  – Your family members also can enjoy the offers of this card, just add your family members ( above 18 years old ) with your card
  • Online shopping – with this card you can shop online worry-free. This card is protected with end to end encryption.
  • Customer care number –

India – 1800-267-3456 or 1800-121-2208

Overseas – +91-40-61268002 or +91-80-71898002

  • Final verdict –

If you want a premium card free of cost then this card is perfect for you. It comes with a number of cashback and reward points offer. Also, it protects you against the lost card and frauds. so if you have the eligibility then you must go for it as it brings the best possible offer to their customers.

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