HSBC Cashback Credit Card

Cashback is now made easy with the ‘HSBC Csahback Credit Card’. You can now avail exclusive cashback offers on your transactions. It also comes with a lower joining & renewal fee, insurance coverage, coverage against lost cards etc. again it supports pay-wave, that means your transaction is more secure and you can easily earn huge cash-backs with this card.

  • Eligibility criteria –
  • Nationality – Indian.
  • Age – Between 18 – 65
  • Occupation- Salaried.
  • Salary – ₹ 400,000 (yearly)
  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of – Pune, Noida, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore. (any of the cities)
  • Documents Required –
  • Certificate of salary. (for the salaried people)
  • Photocopy of your present credit card & recent card statement (if you have any)
  • Latest bank statements (3 months)
  • Other documents –
  • Aadhar card.
  • Voter id.
  • Pan number.
  • Raion card
  • It returns.
  • Form 16.
  • Driving license.

                      *(bank can ask for more documents during application)

  • Fees –
  • Joining fee – None
  • Renewal fee – ₹ 750 (reversible if more than 1 lakh is spend in a year)
  • Add on fee – None.
  • Benefits –
  • Welcome offer – this card comes with zero joining fee and a ‘Swiggy’ discount voucher worth ₹ 250. (must be redeemed within 60 days of the issuing)

Also It gives you an ‘amazon’ voucher of ₹ 500 that you can use on a single transaction of ≥ ₹500 (within 30days.

  • Dining – now get up to 20% off on online food orders of above ₹ 400 (if ordered through ‘Swiggy’, valid for once in a month)
  • Shopping – With this card you can avail a discount up to ₹ 250 per month ( transaction amount ≥ ₹ 1,000). Also it gives you a ‘amazon’ voucher of ₹ 500 on a transaction under 30 days (transaction amount ≥ ₹ 500) with an additional 5% discount on any purchase ≥ 1,000 (only on ‘amazon’)
  • Lounge access – it offers you 2 access at any domestic or international airport lounges or two meal vouchers at all airport restaurants ( of ₹ 400)
  •  Grocery –  it offers you up to ₹ 250 discount on ‘bigbasket’ and a 15% discount on ‘amazon’ pantry, instantly
  • Flight booking – if you book your international flight ticket through ‘make my trip’ then it gives you upto  ₹ 15,000 discount & a ₹ 1,000 discount on domestic flights. transaction should be done with this card.
  • Hotel booking – with this card you will have a 25% discount on international hotel bookings. (only with ‘Make My Trip’)
  • Insurance – in any emergency situation ‘HSBC’ covers you with a vast  range of insurance.
  • Card loss liability – It offers their customer Zero liability on lost cards. They have up to ₹ 3 lakh coverage for such situations.
  • Spend based reversal  – The annual fee of ₹ 750 will be reversed if the spend of the last year is > 1lakh.
  • Charges –
  • Foreign currency transaction – 3.5% against the transacted amount.
  • Over limit charge – Rs. 500.
  • Late payment(in Rs.) – 0 to 500 = 400

             500 to 1000 = 500

             Over 1,000 = 750

  • Finance charge – 3.3% per month. (applicable from the date of transaction).
  • Interest free credit period – 45 days (max).
  • Other benefits –
  • Emi facility – with the help of this feature you can turn your bills into easy monthly EMI, it can be used for cash loan, loan on phone etc.
  • Contactless transaction – transactions are now easy, with this feature you can make payment at any secure reader with just a wave. It is fast, convenient an secure.

*N.B – the card is also protected against multiple waves.

  • Add on cards – now add your loved ones (must be above 18) with your card.
  • Balance transfer on EMI – you can earn from your interest payments, just transfer the dues of another card to your “HSBC Csahback Credit Card” to get a lower interest rate.
  • Card replacement – in case of emergency you can replace your card from any corner of the world in just 3 days.
  • Customer care number –

               Domestic – 1800-267-3456


               Overseas –  +91-40-61268002


  • Final verdict –

If you want to earn cash-back from your transactions then this card is perfect for you. It has some of the best cash-back offers ever. Also, it comes with a number of advanced features like a contactless facility, add-on card feature, balance transfer, and lots more. So if you have the eligibility then you must go for it, as it offers the best possible offers for its customers.

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