Indusind Bank Celesta Credit Card

Indusind Bank offers so many credit cards for customers. Indusind Bank Celesta Credit card is one of them. It provides so many facilities to their customers such as Welcome offer, Reward points, Offers on hotels,  offers on golf, Travel insurance,  Fuel surcharge waiver, offers on Movies, etc. It is a very good card for those people who needs a multi purpose credit card of many facilities. Users can use it for all domestic and international merchants.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Users must be an Indian citizen.
  • The age of the cardholder should be 18 years or more.
  • User should be self employed or salaried.

Required Documents:

  • If you choose indusind Bank Celesta credit card for first time you need PAN card and its Xerox copy, address proof like Aadhaar card, ration card etc.
  • Visa and passport are required if you are a foreigner.


  • Rs.50000 for joining.
  • Rs.5000 for renewal.
  • Rs.5000 for Add-on card.

Privileges on Indusind Bank Celesta Credit card:

  • Welcome gifts: There is a facility of welcome gift if you choose Indusind Bank Celesta credit card. You will get a gift voucher worth Rs.50000 if you use it in hotels and Resorts. You can also get a gift voucher of Montblanc worth Rs.50000.
  • Reward points:  You can earn reward points if you spend at merchants. You can earn reward points by two ways.

If you spend Rs.100 for International purposes you will get 3 reward points.

And if you spend Rs.100 on domestic purposes you will get 1 reward points.

Reward points can be exchanged. 1 reward point is equals to Rs.1

  • Travel offer: If you choose indusind Bank Celesta credit card, there are some offers on travelling.

You can get unlimited access of Lounge in domestic travels. And you will get 2 free access of International travel Lounge access.

You can get 10% discount on your first travel.

If you travel with your partner or spouse you will get a driver cum guide for you ride.

  • Hotels and Resorts offer: After choosing the Indusind Bank Celesta credit card you will get hotels and Resorts offer.
  • Dining offer: You will get up to Rs.3000 off from your total bill amount on your transaction throughout the year.

You will get a dine membership.

You will be able to get up to 25% off at the best restaurants.

You will be able to dine at more than 600 five star hotels and restaurants.

  • Movies offer: When you book a ticket from you will get 20% discount on your first transaction.

If you buy a ticket you will get a ticket absolutely free.

You can get 2 premium class tickets every month. After booking 3 tickets in a month you can get extra Rs.50 on your next booking.

  • Golf offer: By this offer you will get 3 golf games and 3 golf lessons in every month.
  • Fuel surcharge waiver: You can save money of fuel surcharge by your indusind Bank Celesta credit card at any petrol pump in India. To redeem this offer you have to transact minimum of Rs.400 to Rs.4000.
  • Add-on Card:  You can use it as add-on card by which you can also looks after of your family.

Other Privileges:

  • Celesta Assurance:  You will get travel insurance , accident insurance by this facility.

2.5 crores insurance of air accident.

Rs.100000 for losing of baggage.

Rs.5000 for delaying of baggage.

Rs.50000 for lost passport.

Rs.25000 if you lose your ticket.

Rs.25000 for missing of connection.

You can earn a interest rate of 2.99% of your total outstanding .


  • Late payment charges:
    • Rs.0 for Rs.100.
    • Rs.100 for Rs.101 to Rs.500
    • Rs.200 for Rs.501 to Rs.1000
    • Rs.350 for Rs.1001 to Rs.5000
    • Rs.500 for Rs.5001 to Rs.10000
    • Rs.700 for more than Rs.10000.
  • Rs.300 for requesting charge slip.
  • Rs.100 for fee of re-issue.
  • Rs.25 if you check your balance from other ATMs.
  • Rs.100 for duplicate card requests.

Customer service: For more details you can contact in this helpline number 1800 267 7777. You can also apply for this card.

Email id: [email protected]

100X Gain Rating:  4.5 stars.

Final Opinion: If you are searching for a world-class credit card of many facilities like for traveling, Dining, hotels, and resorts, etc. Then IndusInd Bank Celesta credit card is a good choice for you. It will help you to save money.

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