IndusInd Bank Indulged Credit Card

Indusind bank provides so many credit cards for customers. Indusind Bank Indulged credit card is one of them. It has so many benefits such as welcome gift, reward point, priority pass membership, concierge services, complimentary travel insurance, fuel surcharge waiver, golf privileges, add on credit cards. The IndusInd bank Indulged credit card is a very good choice for those people, wanting a premium card for their daily uses.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Citizenship: Users must be an Indian.
  • Age: Age should be 18 years or more.
  • Occupation: Applicant should be salaried or self employed.
  • Income: Rs.48 lakh per year for salaried customer. And Rs.60 lakh for self employed customers.

Required Documents: Aadhaar card, PAN card, Photo of the applicant. Other Documents are Bills, Passport, Address proof if required. Contact number and email id of the customer is also required. If the customer is a salaried person then salary slip is required.


  • Rs.200000 for joining.
  • There is no renewal fees.
  • Rs.10000 for Add-on card.

Privileges on Indusind Bank Indulged credit card:

  • Welcome offer: If a customer choose Indusind Bank Indulged credit card , there is a welcome gift for him. He will be able to get discount on flight bookings, hotel bookings etc. Even he can get cent percent discount on flight tickets.
  • Reward points:  There is a reward point facility in this Indusind Bank Indulged credit card. Users will be able to gain reward points when they use the card for business purposes or for vacation. If you spend Rs.100 you will get 1.5 reward points.

1 reward points is equals to Rs.1.

  • Priority Pass Membership: You will get priority pass membership which helps you to get free pass on flight. You will also get a free pass on travelling all around the world.
  • Sentry Services: It provides sentry services to you. It will help you when you will use it in booking of flights, reservation of hotels, reservation of dining etc.
  • Travel Insurance:  You will be able to get a travel insurance if you choose Indusind Bank Indulged credit card. You can use the facility when you use it against losing of luggage, delaying of luggage, losing of ticket, missing of connection and more.
  • Waiver of fuel surcharge:  There is a facility of waiver of fuel surcharge when you use the Indusind Bank Indulged credit card. You can use it all petrol pump in india. You can save 1% when you use it.( Maximum of Rs.200 can be saved). The offer will be eligible when you transact between Rs.400 to Rs.4000 .
  • There is discount when you use it in golf clubs. It is applicable when you use it in India , Singapore and Thailand.
  • Movie offer: If you book a ticket from, you will be able to get a ticket absolutely free. Create an account with your mobile number and email address. Then go to the offer section and select a movie. After that you will be redirected to the payment page. Select your Indusind bank Indulged credit card number, expiry date, CVV number and complete the transaction.

To claim this offer you must have to pay from your Indusind Indulged credit card. Maximum 3 free tickets can be availed.

  • Add on credit cards.
  • Inlaying of 22K gold.
  • Offers on movie tickets. If you buy a ticket of Rs.200 you will get a free ticket.
  • There is a monthly interest rate of 1.79%.


  • Late payment charges:
    • Rs.0 for Rs.0 to Rs.100
    • Rs.100 for Rs.101 to Rs.500
    • Rs.350 for Rs.501 to Rs.1000
    • Rs.550 for Rs.1001 to Rs.10000
    • Rs.700 for more than Rs.10000.
  • There is a over limit charge of 2.5% if you cross your limit.
  • Rs.250 if you returns your cheque.
  • Rs.25 if you check your balance from other ATMs.
  • Rs.100 if you pay your cash fee at a branch of Indusind Bank.
  • Rs.100 for duplicate statement.
  • Rs.100 for card replacement.
  • Rs.300 for charge slip.

Customer service:  If you want to know more about Indusind Bank Indulged credit card and its features you can direct contact in this helpline number 1860 267 7777.

100X Gain Rating:  4.5 stars.

Final opinion:  People looking for shopping benefits, wanting premium card, privileges on Golf, Indusind bank Indulged credit card is the best for them.

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