IndusInd Bank PAYBACK Credit Card

Indusind Bank offers a special card for their customers in association with PAYBACK named Indusind Bank PAYBACK Credit Card. This card has so many benefits such as welcome gift, reward points, fuel surcharge waiver, auto assistance, concierge services, Assurance etc. It has also contactless features which makes the card more convenient.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age: The applicant should be minimum 21years old and maximum 60 years old.
  • Citizenship: The applicant must be an Indian or non resident Indian .
  • Occupation:  Applicant must be salaried or self employed.

Applicant should have a very good credit score.

  • Income:

Applicant should have a good source of income.

  • Applicant must have to pay the previous loan if any.

Required Documents:

  • Identity proofs: Voter card and Aadhaar card, Driving license.
  • Address proof: Ration card, aadhaar card,
  • Income proofs: bank statement of last three months , salary slip of last 3 months or any document of income.
  • PAN card
  • Photographs.

Fees:  Rs.249 for joining fees

No renewal fees.

No add-on card fee.

Benefits and features of Indusind Bank PAYBACK credit card:

  • Welcome gifts:  After choosing the card you will get 1000 PAYBACK points on your spending as welcome gift. With the help of complimentary Future Privilege Membership you will get extra 10% off at Big Bazaar, e-Zone, Central, FBB, Brand factory etc.

You will get these welcome gift in between 30 days of paying the joining fees.

  • Reward points:  You will get reward points on your spending. You can earn reward points in various ways.
    • If you spend Rs.100 for grocery and shopping you will get 5 PAYBACK points.
    • If you spend Rs.100 for dining delights you will get 5 PAYBACK points.
    • If you spend Rs.100 for movie ticket bookings you’ll get 20 PAYBACK points.
    • If you spend Rs.100 for purchasing utilities, insurance and other various items you will get 2 PAYBACK points.

These PAYBACK points will be transferred to your PAYBACK account.

Reward points are redeemable and you can redeemed these through movie vouchers, shopping vouchers etc.

Bonus Reward points: If you spend Rs.20000 in a month you will get 500 PAYBACK points. And if you spend Rs.2lakh or more in a year you will get 4000 PAYBACK points.

  • PAYBACK concierge: You will get concierge services with this card which is available in 24×7. With this facility you can avail pre-trip assistance, flight booking, hotel reservation, bookings of sports and entertainment, ordering flowers and gifts for your special one.
  • Fuel surcharge waiver:  You will get freedom from 1% fuel surcharge if you spend at any petrol pump in India. For example, if you spend Rs.8000 in a month you can save Rs.80 in a month. So, You can save Rs.960 annually. The savings will depend on your spending.
  • PAYBACK Auto Assist: If any problems comes to in emergency services, the Indusind Bank PAYBACK credit card will help you in your emergency time. Just call at auto assist care. You can avail this offer in this cases-
  •  Roadside repair
    • Emergency fuel service
    • Tire services
    • Losing of keys
    • Battery service
    • Emergency towing assistance
    • Accident Management and medical assistance. Etc.
  • PAYBACK Assurance:
    • Total Protect: You will be helped if your card or card details are stolen. The Total Protect facility of this card will help you.
    • Air accident coverage: The card will gives you a air accident insurance of up to Rs.25 lakh.
  • Contactless Advantage:  You will be able to use the Card for your daily uses. For transaction, go to any secure reader and wave your card smoothly.

It is fast and convenient that it is very unnecessary to give your card to anybody for everyday small purchases.

It is very secure. If you transact without contact , the card will always attached in your hand. The card has a skimming facility which helps you to prevent any fraud of the card and also save the card from losing.

  • Charges:
  • Interest rate 3.83% per month and 46% per year.
  • Cash advance fee 2.5% of advance amount ( minimum 300)
  • Late payment charges:
    • Rs.0 for up to Rs.100
    • Rs.100 for Rs.101 to Rs.500
    • Rs.350 for Rs.501 to Rs.1000
    • Rs.550 for Rs.1001 to Rs.10000
    • Rs.700 for Rs.10000 and more.
  • Overlimit charges 2.5% of overlimit amount ( minimum Rs.500).
  • Rs.250 for returning cheque.
  • Foreign currency mark-up 3.5% of the amount.
  • Rs.100 for cash payment fees at the branch of Indusind Bank.

Customer service:  For more details please contact in this 24×7 helpline number 1860 267 7777.

  • 100X Gain Rating: 4.5 stars.

Final Opinion:  If you are searching for a credit card for your daily purchases of good facilities and of low charges you can choose the Indusind Bank PAYBACK credit card. You can save money by using it.

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