Postpe Credit Card Review

The postpe credit card is a newer edition to the Indian app-based credit card segment. This card is issued by bharat pe which is India’s one of the fastest-growing fintech companies. Postpe is actually a pay later service that has been crafted in the form of a credit card. It offers an instant credit line that you can use anytime to make payments. There is also a very unique refer and earn scheme available on this card. This card works on the Visa platform and it comes with zero joining and annual fee. More about postpe credit card details are discussed below.

Postpe Credit Card Eligibility Criteria:

  • Resident Type: Indian
  • For salaried person:
    • Age: above 18 years. 
    • Income: The applicant should have a steady monthly income. 
  • For self-employed person:
    • Age: above 18 years. 
    • Income: The applicant should have a steady monthly income.
  • A good credit score is needed to get a higher credit limit on this card. Otherwise, you will have to make 3 successful referrals to get approval.

Documents Required To Apply For Postpe Credit Card:

  • PAN Card (you need to provide your PAN number)
  • Aadhar card (you need to verify your Aadhar number)
  • Your personal mobile number.
  • Your bank details.
  • You will have to upload your selfie.

Postpe Credit Card Fees:

  • Postpe joining fee: None. 
  • Postpe annual fee: None. 

Postpe Card Benefits:

  • Get an instant line of credit:

The credit limit you can get on this card depends on your credit score and other credentials. The maximum limit you can get on this card is Rs. 10 lakh.

  • Earn cashback by referring your friends:

The Postpe pay Later card features a very unique refer and earn program. To enter the referral scheme, you have to send your referral code to your friends, and as they signup using your referral code, you will get approved for upliftment in the cashback tier. Your friends will also get a 1% cashback tier for that month.

Your cashback tier depends on the number of successful referrals you make in a month. If you make 1 successful referral, you will be approved for a 1% cashback tier and you will get a 1% cashback on all transactions you make in that particular month. One successful referral is equal to one step elevation in your current cashback tier. 

The cashback tiers are valid for that particular month in which your friends get his/her card approved. After that, the cashback tier will be restored to zero. You can earn a maximum of 5% cashback in a month. 

  • Buy anything in EMI with minimal interest rates:

Using the postpe app you can split your monthly card bill into small installments with a relatively low interest rate of just 1.5% per month. 

The bharat pe credit card bills are generated on the 1st day of every month. You will get a grace period of 5 days to pay your bill in full or to convert it into EMI. after that, you will have to pay the late payment fee of 0.1% per day from the date of bill generation. 

If you don’t pay your credit card bill within 6 days from the bill generation date, your account will be temporarily blocked, your account will be active again as soon as you pay your bills in full. But if your account is marked as “Risk” then your account will never be active again. 

  • Get complete control over your account using the Postpe app:

Like most app-based credit cards, this Postpe bharatpe credit card comes with a very sleek-looking mobile app that gives you complete control over your card. Using this Postpe paylater app, you can pay your monthly card bills, check the status of your active EMIs, control online and contactless transactions, and lots more.  

  • Instant money transfer from credit card to bank account without any extra charges:

Using the Postpe pay later app you can send money to your friends and family members’ Posrpe account. You will just have to provide the registered mobile number of the receiver, if the receiver doesn’t have a Postpe account, the transferred amount will be kept on hold and as soon as the receiver opens a Postpe account using that mobile number, he/she will receive it.    

You can also transfer money from credit card to your own bank account. In both cases, the amount will be debited from your credit limit. There are no extra charges involved with the fund transfer facility. 

  • Use your card anywhere in India without any restrictions:

This lifetime free credit card is designed to be used in India. You can use the Postpe physical card to make payment at any POS machine. But the QR code payment option of the Postpay app is usable only with the bharat pay merchant QR codes.  

Postpe Charges:

Particulars Payable amount 
Postpe credit card cash withdrawal charges You cannot make withdrawals using this card
Postpe credit card emi rate of interest 1.5% monthly
Postpe credit card late payment charges 0.1% per day (applicable from the date of bill generation, only if the bill is not paid in time)
Foreign currency transaction charge This card cannot be used for foreign currency conversion

Postpe Credit Card Contact Details:

  • Call the postpe app customer care number: +91 022 4007 1500 or +91 828 756 9687
  • postpe email:

100xGain Ratings:


Postpe Credit Card Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons 
  • This card can also be issued without any credit score, which makes it ideal for the beginners
  • It has the low-cost EMI option which is extremely useful for the frequent shoppers
  • This card comes with zero joining and an annual fee
  • In terms of benefits, there is nothing on this card. 
  •  The refer and earn program is useless because if your friends don’t accept your referral, you will not get any cashback
  • The QR code scanning feature of the app is only usable with the bharat pe merchant QR codes

Final Opinion:

If you have very little or zero credit score, then this bharat pay credit card will be very helpful for you. With responsible use of this card, you can easily improve your credit score. The low-cost EMI option is also very helpful. But if you want to earn benefits, then this card is not for you. In this case, you can take a look at the Slice card or Uni pay card both are very good at offering benefits. You can also visit our top 10 credit card pages to find out the card you need.  

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