RBL World Prime SuperCard

RBL has brought a bunch of offers and privileges with their ‘RBL World Prime SuperCard’. It is a MasterCard credit card from RBL Bank of India. This card comes with a number of features and benefits including – Big Welcome Benefit, Reward Programme, Movie Benefit, Milestone Reward, Lounge Access, Fuel Surcharge Waiver, Instant Loan Facility, Add on feature, Lost Card Liability, A World Class Concierge Service, Any time Cash Withdrawal, Online Control, Worldwide Acceptance, 24X7 Customer Service, And the Advanced EMV Chip Security.

  • ●       Eligibility criteria –
  • Nationality – Indian.
  • Age – 25 – 65 Years.
  • Occupation – Both salaried and self-employed people can apply.
  • Income – 25,000 Monthly.
  • Good relation with the bank.
  • Good CIBIL score.(750)
  • Zero due payment.
  • Documents Required –
  • Proof of Identity –
  • Job Card.
  • Voter Id.
  • Driving License
  • Aadhar Id.
  • Letter from UIDAI.
  • Proof of Address –
  • Passport.
  • Gas, Electricity or any utility bill. ( recent )
  • Ration card.
  • Document of property registration.
  • Proof of Income –
  • 3 month’s bank statement. (latest)
  • Recently submitted form 16.
  • Salary Slip (recent 3 months)(For Salaried only)
  • KYC-PAN.
  • Fees – 
  • Joining fee – ₹ 2999
  • Annual fee – ₹ 2999
  • Add on fee – None.
  • Finance Charge – 3.99%
  • Benefits – The benefits of ‘RBL World Prime SuperCard’ is described below –
    • Welcome Benefit – You are an important customer for RBL so with the issuance of the card RBL welcomes you with a big welcome gift. You will get 12,000 reward points as a gift. To avail this offer you just have to pay the annual fee in time and also you have to make a purchase of ₹ 2000 with this card within 30 days of the card issuance. The reward points are easily redeemable.  
    • Reward Programme – With this card you can earn big and easy reward points. You can get 2X reward points on each online spends (Except on Education, Utilities, Insurance and Wallet Load). Also you will get 2 reward points on each ₹ 100 spend on other categories.
    • Movie Benefit – RBL also takes care of your Entertainment too. With your ‘RBL World Prime SuperCard’ you will get a movie ticket completely free on the purchase of another. This offer is available only on the tickets booked through ‘BookMyShow’. You can enjoy this offer for two times a month.  
    • Milestone Benefit – There is no end of benefits with RBL. With the rewards on every purchase you can earn some more points too. If you can spend 1.5 lakh within a year then you can earn 10,000 points. Also if you can cross 3.5 lakh mark, then you can earn 10,000 extra points.   
    • Lounge Access – With your ‘RBL World Prime SuperCard’ you can make your travel more comfortable. As with this card you will get 8 free accesses at most of the frontline airport lounges in India. You can enjoy 2 visits per quarter.
    • Fuel Surcharge Waiver – Now you can travel more distances, without any worries. As with your ‘RBL World Prime SuperCard’ you can enjoy a big discount of ₹ 150 / month, on fuel surcharges. This feature is applicable at all the petrol stations in India.
    • Instant Loan – In case of any emergency you can get a loan against your credit limit almost instantly. This feature converts your available credit limit into a loan. You can also get an interest free period of 3 months. This feature is available for once in a month.
    • Add on facility – You can now share the benefits of your card with your loved ones. You just have to add your loved ones – Children, Parents, Siblings or any other family members 18+, with your card and they can also enjoy the awesome benefits of your card.
    • Balance Transfer – Now you can get a lower interest rate on your due amounts. Just transfer the dues of your other cards to your ‘RBL World Prime SuperCard’ and you can get lower interest rate.    
    • Concierge service – With your ‘RBL World Prime SuperCard’ you can enjoy a premium and helpful Concierge Service. You can get assistance from them for – Hotel / Flight booking, Car Rental, Hotel referral, Any referral etc. Also you will get their assistance for some special events.
    • Lost card liability – Now you don’t need to worry about your lost or stolen card. As with your ‘RBL World Prime SuperCard’ you will enjoy assistance against for your lost card. Also if you an report within 24 hours then you can enjoy zero liability. Also with their active Customer service you can block your lost or stolen card within no time.  
    • Spend limit – RBL now gives you the opportunity to set a spend limit for yourself. Just download the MyCard app and you can set a spend limit for yourself.
  • Charges –
  • Cash Advance – 2.5% against the amount.
  • Late payment Fee – 15% against the Due amount.
  • Foreign currency transaction – 3.5% against the transacted amount.
  • Other features –
    • Anytime Cash Withdrawal – RBL gives you the opportunity to withdraw cash against your credit limit. You can withdraw cash against your credit limit from any ATM. Applicable chare – 2.5% against the Withdrawn amount.
    • EMI Facility – Now you don’t need to worry about your big bills. As with RBL you can easily transform your bill amounts into easy monthly EMIs. This feature also allows you can extend your shopping bill without worries.
    • Online Control – With RBL controlling your account is very easy. With the RBL MyCard app all the controls is now at your finger-tips. You can do a lot of things including – Bill + EMI payment, Checking Account statement, Card Pin set up and lots more.
    • Easy Pin set up – Now setting your card pin is very easy. With the help of RBL MyCard app you can set your card within minutes. Also you can set your card pin through RBL official website. Just log on to www.rblbank.com and go to ‘Online Services’ then select ‘Set card Pin’ and set your pin easily.
    • Bill Payment – Paying bill is now very easy. With RBL you can pay your card bill very easily with multiple options like – NEFT Payment, Payment through MyCard App or through Cheque Payment.
    • Worldwide Acceptance – Your ‘RBL World Prime SuperCard’ is designed for both domestic and overseas uses. You can use this card at anywhere where the MasterCard logo is displayed.
    • EMV security – This card comes with a built in EMV chip. This chip is specially designed for convenience and security. Also our card is protected with end to end encryption. You will need an OTP every time for successful transaction.  
  • Customer care number –
  • +91 22 6232 7777
  • +91 22 7119 0900
  • Mail – [email protected]
  • Final verdict –

If you are looking for a credit card that can earn you big and easy reward points then this card is best for you. It comes with a big number of features and benefits that can justify the joining and annual fees. So if you are eligible then you must go for this card.

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