8 Reasons To Use Credit Card In 2021 | Should I Get A Credit Card? | Do You Really Need A Credit Card?

A credit card is one of the most misunderstood financial products of the digital economy, if you consult with any personal finance expert then there is a high chance that the expert will prevent you from using this rectangular-sized card despite having the enormous benefit it carries.

If you use this awesome financial tool intelligently then I’m sure that you are likely to huge benefits as it helps you to finance huge shopping bills along with fraud protection adding other benefits such as building a credit score, getting cash backs, rewards benefits, exclusive memberships, etc. It also makes you more responsible to handle your money effectively which is the most underrated feature of this product.

1. Building A Credit Score:

If you at 18 or older and don’t have any credit score then surely having a credit card is the best way to build up an excellent credit score, in the future, it will help you to access low-interest loans along with a big borrowing limit. So, if you are willing to build an excellent credit score, use your card regularly, and then pay the bill within the due date, it will easily help you to build up an excellent credit score. So, opt for a credit card according to your needs and start using it.

2. Safety:

Are you worried about any losses due to fraudulent transactions? If yes, then instead of using your debit card or net banking, you must use the credit card as all credit cards come up with fraud protection insurance, which will take care all the of fraudulent transactions, to avail of the benefit you just have to let the credit card Co. know by contacting their customer care within 24 hours of the event. So, I think no other financial instrument will give this much mental peace like this one.

3. Reward Points:

Every people love to get some rewards for their work, what if the person gets rewards for spending using their cards, isn’t that cool? Using those reward points you can avail several benefits such as discounts, special gifts, etc.

4. Cashback:

Money saved is money earned, so why don’t you use a credit card to save your hard-earned money. Now many Co.’s has launched co-branded credit card which offers cash back up to 5% on the shopping. So, why use anything else when you can save a lot.

5. Exclusive Access:

Only using the credit card one can get exclusive access to airport lounges across the globe free of cost or at very minimum cost, also can enjoy free movie tickets, dinner discounts, along with specially crafted membership benefits for their family and friends at zero or at very low cost.

6. Interest-Free Money:

There is a quote that says nothing is free in this world, but it’s not entirely true as in the credit card one can get free money for 30 – 50 days period depending on the card. So, rather than using your hard-earned cash or debit card in shopping let your money grow in other financial products and enjoy the benefit of free money.

7. Ease of Use And Acceptance:

The usage of the credit card is the easiest thing in comparison with any other payment methods, even easier than the cash, as handling the cash is a bit tedious and counting takes a hell of a lot of time while paying for the big transaction. Also, the acceptance of the credit card is too simple across the globe as you just have to swipe it and it’s done, but in the case of cash, there are too many restrictions as every country has its own currency which costs a lot while exchanging at the money exchange counter at the airport. So, if you are on holiday or attending your business meetings just use the credit card and enjoy your holiday or pay full attention to your work to get more ROI.

8. Track Your Spending:

Want to limit your spending? Then choose the credit card as your one and only payment method as at the end of every cycle you will get to know where, when and how much money you spend. Also, you can pre-set your spending limit which will help you to avoid your frugal spending habit.

Now I think you already got the answer to your question, so why are you waiting for?  Just check out our top 10 cards on each segment to help you to choose your most desired card.

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