There are many credit cards for users as per their needs. And SBI Simply Save Credit Card is a very good card for users who want a multi purpose credit card in low monthly Income.

The Simply Save Card is a multi purpose credit card which you can use for your daily needs. Users can use the card on all Domestic or International merchants.

It helps you earn big rewards and save on your shopping expenses. It also helps you to gain more when you use it to buy daily needs which are belong to costly categories such as grocery, departmental store purchases, dining and movies.

Eligibility criteria :

      Age : Age should be 21 years or more.

      Income : Income must be 20000 per month.

      Occupation : Users must be salaried or self employed.


   Annual fee (only for one time) – Rs.499

   Renewal fee/ annum – Rs.499

   Cash advance fee : In SBI ATMs or other ATMs 2.5% of transactions amount. And in international ATMs 2.5% of transactions amount.

Privileges on Simply save SBI card :

  • Welcome offer:  After receiving the card there is a offer for all users, if you use your Simply save SBIcard in a ATM first time for withdraw cash you will get a cashback of Rs.100. The validity of this offer is only 30 days from you get your card.
  • Extravaganza offer : After getting your Simply save SBI card, if you spend Rs.2000 or more in between two months you will get 2000 reward point. The validity of this offer is not applicable when you  withdraw cash, Transferring cash and Draft spends on Easy Money.

This offer is only applicable on Simply save SBI card with one year of joining.

Maximum 2000 rewards point can be availed per card.

  • 10× Reward Points:  If you spent on Dining, Movies,  Departmental Stores and Grocery there is 10 reward point per Rs.100 spent.

When you spend Rs.100 on other purposes , you will get 1 reward points.

( Every 4 reward points is equal to Rs.1)

Rewards point can be used to pay the remainder balance of your credit card. You can also use the card for collecting against extensive arrangement of gifts.

  • Fuel Freedom: There is a offer for all Simply save SBI cardholders at any petrol pump. You will be able to get a discount of 1% fuel surcharge. (You can save only maximum Rs.100 per statement Cycle)

The transaction must be in between Rs.500 to Rs.3000 if you want to get the offer.

If you want to raise this profit, use the card at petrol pump you want all over India.

  • Spend Based Reversal : After receiving the card, in between one year of your subscription if you spend Rs.100000 or extra from your Simply save SBI card, you will be able to get the next year fee of subscription. Which will automatically reversed after first year.

If you want to raise this profit, you must have to spend minimum Rs.100000 in first year of subscription.

Other Advantages:

  • Contactless Advantage:  You can use the Simply save SBI Card for your daily purchases. For transaction, go to any secure reader and wave your card smoothly.

It is fast and convenient that it is very unnecessary to give your card to anybody for everyday small purchases.

It is very secure. If you transact without contact , the card will always attached in your hand. The card has a skimming facility which helps you to prevent any fraud of the card and also save the card from losing.

  • Worldwide Acceptance:  You can use your card in all around the world.

To make payments use your card at any outlet which accepts Visa or Master card.

  • Add-on Cards : You can give your family ( parents,  spouse, children,  brothers and sisters whose age must be 18 years) the power to do something with your Simply save SBI card.
  • Cash on the Go : With the help of your Simply save SBI card you can withdraw cash from ATMs of Visa or Mastercard all around the world.
  • Utility Bill Payment Facility: You can use your card for bill payments ( mobile,  telephone, electricity,  water bills and other utility bills) easily through its Easy Bill Pay facility.
  • Transferring Balance on EMI : You can pay your EMI by your Simply save SBI card to gain a low rate of interest as well as you can save money while you pay your EMIs through your Simply save SBIcard.

To use this Facility you have to log in to with your user id and password.

You can also SMS BTEMI on 56767 or call 39020202 / 18601801290 to use this facility.

  • Flexipay : If you purchase for Rs.2500 or extra with the help of your Simply save SBIcard , you can convert your transaction in easy monthly instalments. To use this facility ( convert into flexipay)  you have to log in to with your username and password in between 30 days of your purchase.
  • Easy Money : By the easy money facility it is possible to get a draft or cheque against your card limit.

You will be able to get the Facility to your doorstep.

For booking of easy money you have to log in to with your username and password.

Charges :

  • Cheque payment fee Rs.100
  • Payment dishonor fee 2% of transaction amount.
  • Rs.100 for statement retrieval .
  • Late payment: 
    • 0 for due of Rs.0 to Rs.500
    • Rs.400 for due of Rs.500 or more and upto Rs.1000
    • Rs.750 for due of Rs.1000 or more and upto Rs.10000
    • Rs.950 for due of Rs.10000 or more.
  • Rs.100 for card replacement.

100X Gain Rating :

4.5 stars

Final Opinion: 

If you like to shop in offline shops, then Simply save SBIcard is a very good credit card for you. It has facilities which can help you to save money.

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