Syndicate Bank Global Credit Card

There are so many credit cards available for the customers of Syndicate Bank for their uses. The Syndicate Bank Global Credit Card is one of them. There is no need for joining fees. Two types of cards are available for various customers. These are Gold cards and Classic Credit Card. There are some awesome privileges available for the customers such as reward points, low-interest rate, cash advance, card loss liability, global acceptance, global cash withdrawal, interest-free credit period, customer care services, add-on card, etc. Let’s discuss the card-

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age: The applicant should be 21 years old.

The salaried applicants should be between 60 years old and the self-employed customers should be between 65 years old.

  • Citizenship: The applicant should be an Indian citizen.
  • Occupation: The applicant should be salaried or self-employed.
  • Income: Net income should be a minimum of Rs.60000 per year for salaried applicants.

Net income should be Rs.1 lakh per year for businessman, self-employed applicants.

Required Documents:

  • Identity proofs: Voter card and Aadhaar card, Driving license, passport, job card,
  • Address proof: Ration card, aadhaar card, passport, any utility bill, a document of property, job card,
  • Income proofs:  Last 3 month’s bank statement, salary slip of last 3 months, or any document of income. Income tax returns for self-employed customers.
  • PAN card
  • Photographs.


No joining fees.

No annual fees

Rs.500 for renewal fees.

No add-on card fee.

Features and benefits of the Syndicate Bank Global Credit Card:

  • Types of Card: Two types of cards.
    • Classic Credit Card: If you want this type of card you have to income Rs.60000 if you are a salaried person. And if you are a self-employed person you have to income Rs.1 lakh per year.
    • Gold Credit Card: The income should be Rs.1 lakh per year for salaried applicants and Rs.2 lakh for self-employed customers to apply for this card. Senior citizens and pensioners can not apply for this type of credit card.
  • Reward points: You will get reward points for your every spending. If you spend Rs.200 on your card for purchasing you will get 1 reward point.

These reward points are redeemable and you can redeem them through cash ( 1 reward point equals Rs.0.5) or you can use them as renewal fees. You can convert your reward points into cash in multiples of 500 reward points. You will get the cash in your credit card account.

  • Annual Fees: There is no need to pay the joining fees and annual fees. You have to pay only the renewal fees every year. The validity of this card is 3 years.
  • Low-Interest Rate:  There are very low-interest charges of 2% per month.
  • Cash Advance: With the help of the Classic credit card you can withdraw cash up to 15% of the credit limit and in the case of Gold Credit Card the amount will be 25% of the credit limit.
  • Card loss Liability Cover: If you lose your card you have to inform your bank. The bank will immediately block the card. So any fraudulent transaction would not happen. You will get a loss liability coverage of Rs.1000.
  • Worldwide Acceptance: You can use your card at more than 9 lakh outlets of merchants in India and more than 300 million merchants all around the world. You will be able to use your card for online transactions, teleshopping, ordering mail, etc.
  • Worldwide Withdrawals of Cash:  With the help of this card you will be able to withdraw cash from more than 1700 ATMs of Syndicate Bank. This service is also available at more than 120000 ATMs of other banks in India and over 25 lakh ATMs all around the world.
  • Interest-free Credit Period:  You will get a credit-free period of 20 days to 50 days. This period is dependable on your purchase. To use this facility you have to clear the previous amount.
  • Customer Care Service:  If you want to know more like inquiry of your account balance, checking your transaction, reporting of loss or theft of your card you can contact in the customer care number 1800 225 092.
  • Add-on Card: You can apply add-on cards for your family members ( parents, spouse, children, siblings) for their uses. They will get the same benefits as the primary card.
  • Methods of Payment: You can pay your credit card bill via-
    • Cheque or Draft
      • Cash
        • Online banking
        • NEFT
        • Auto debit facility
        • Visa money transfer.

100XGain Ratings:


Final Opinion:

If you want a credit card from a government bank then you can choose the Syndicate Bank Global Credit Card as there are no joining fees, annual fees. The world-class facilities of this card will help you to gain more profits.

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